Mainboard Mayhem

A Chip’s Challenge fan game

Story 🔗

Golden ic
Golden IC

The year is 1991, and Chip has been hanging out at Melinda’s computing group: the Bit Busters Club. When one day… disaster. The five golden ICs, the pride and joy of the club, has gone missing. Did somebody loose them? Have they been stolen? Could it be one of Chip’s fellow club-members? Was it an inside job?

One things for sure: they couldn’t have got far. Melinda’s intricate puzzle design has made extracting them from the clubhouse quite impossible. But for the sake of the club, they must be found. And Chip has volunteered to find them.

So Chip once again heads back into the clubhouse, navigating through Melinda’s puzzles and labs, in an attempt to find the five golden ICs.

Game Play 🔗

Examples of a chip, socket, and exit
Chip, Socket, and Exit

Find your way to the exit in each puzzle room before the time runs out. The exit can usually be found behind a socket, which can only be opened when all the chips in the room have been found.

Keys 🔗

  • Arrow keys / I, J, K, L: Movement
  • R: Restart level
  • P: Pause
  • Esc: Menu
  • F2: Quick Save
  • F3: Quick Load
  • F4: Select quick save slot

Credits 🔗

By Leon Mika, 2013—2023.

Based on Chip’s Challenge, by Chuck Sommerville and Epix. Using artwork from Chip’s Challenge released as part of Microsoft Entertainment Pack. Artwork by Chuck Sommerville and Paul Vernon, with some additional artwork by Leon Mika.

Developed using Go and SDL v2.

Website using Hugo Theme Mini, by Hang Jiang.